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Don’t miss U-Fest 2019!

What makes U-Fest Different?

U-Fest is a concept developed by Adaku Ezeudo, a Diversity and Inclusion consultant from PhoenixRize, who saw a need for a multi-cultural community event of this nature.

U-Fest is an adaptable event. The structure can be moulded to fit the needs of the specific event, whether that be in the area of enterprise, health & well-being, finance, etc.

We see migrant communities and other marginalised groups from their area of strength. We are all aware of the saying ‘what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger’. It is so true. The marginalised in our communities have so much to offer that can benefit us all, if only the community as a whole can open themselves to the beauty and creativity that remains untapped all over the country in these marginalised groups.
U-Fest is a unique event which addresses serious concerns in the most fun and creative way possible. By showcasing the vibrancy and creativity within the community we can all learn, broaden our horizons and take away a new ‘guilty pleasure’ whether that be food, music or dance.

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As a multi-cultural festival, we support entrepreneurs from different cultures, promote their products & services, while creating an occasion of community spirit.

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Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity for your community organisation, public sector body or business to get involved in a unique event where all sectors of the community come together in celebration of diversity.

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Not only is volunteering at U-Fest great fun, you will get to meet so many different people, learn about new cultures and it looks great on your C.V. too!

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We really appreciate the support of our dedicated volunteers, so you can be sure we’ll treat you well too.

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U-Fest 2019

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“Unbelievably good-hearted people. Everyone talks about bringing people of all nations together, but never do anything – not these people. I was blown away by how they bring all of Mulhuddart’s business owners together, the energy, and love, open arms, I felt today. I thank you all and I will be a part of upcoming events when I am invited”
– Joan Paula White, Business Owner, Angels and Flowers, Mulhuddart.
“@ufestint Great work by Adaku and everyone involved in the organising of U-fest in Mulhuddart today. Very enjoyable and a credit to the area.”
– TJ Traynor, Business Owner, Bin Minder, Bailieborough, Co. Cavan.
“…need more people like Adaku to set up more of these types of events. Well done!”
– Elizabeth Cooke, Retail Manager at AIB, Co. Meath.
“It was well organised and very authentic. It got to the heart of the matter. If you want a more integrated society you have to make it happen.”
– Attendee Feedback
“Doing a great job. Excellent opportunity for start-ups and small businesses to showcase their portfolio.”
– Attendee Feedback

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