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About U-Fest

U-Fest is a new Intercultural festival which takes place in local communities all over Ireland. U-Fest, an acronym for Unite Festival Int’l, launched in 2017 with our first event in Mulhuddart, Dublin 15.

Our flagship event was an incredible day for all the family, encapsulating music, art, cultural performances, drama, food, an enterprise fair, family fun day attractions and the sharing of ideas.

U-Fest brings diverse communities together to celebrate their talents, skills and uniqueness. It improves social cohesion, through increasing intercultural dialogue and encouraging cooperation among local communities and businesses.

The event itself provides a social space for migrant communities and other minority led organisations to express themselves in a creative way, interact & foster working relationships with other parts of the community.

Mission Statement

U-Fest is dedicated to creating a safe space where new communities and minority groups can come together with Irish communities and organisations from the public and private sector in a fun and creative way to encourage social integration, celebrate diversity and foster open dialogue so that we can learn to appreciate our differences while also cultivating areas of similarity. In so doing, we create a stronger, unified community.

Our Vision Statement:

We envisage more united communities around Ireland where diverse groups are speaking to, learning from, and collaborating with one another.

Our Belief:

We believe that communities are able to reach their highest potential when they have the understanding and opportunity to learn, network, and share with one another.

Our Values:

Respect & Dignity: We insist upon a culture of respect for the uniqueness and beliefs of individuals and their communities.

Social Inclusion: We are committed to creating, developing and nurturing an inclusive & diverse workplace where all individuals are valued and supported.

Integrity: We are dedicated to delivering on promises and honouring our word.

Collaboration: We foster an environment of teamwork with both clients and the range of other people who get involved.

Excellence: We are committed to organising events that go above and beyond our client’s expectations.

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