U-Fest Attracts Local Businesses

If you have seen our recent posts about the inaugural U-Fest event in Mulhuddart, Dublin 15 in October, you will know that it was a wonderful success. As a community event to celebrate diversity and culture we had plenty of people from all parts of the world come along on the day.

However, U-Fest also aims to help local businesses and organisations interact with groups that they normally may not have the opportunity to. With this in mind, the format of U-Fest on this occasion included a two-hour enterprise fair which was followed by an afternoon of festival activities, including music, dance, drama and food. We were eager for the enterprise fair to be a success too.

A large proportion of those businesses participating in the enterprise fair were of ethnic origin. They were joined by other national organisations who have a presence in Dublin 15. It was very important that all of these exhibitors and the attendees were given ample opportunity to interact with each other so that they could all get as much value from the day as possible.

To ensure that this happened, U-Fest involved an interactive element. A representative from each business was encouraged to present a pitch for their goods or services to the crowd from the stage. This helped those attending who may not have encountered these businesses before to get a good understanding of their offering. We wanted not only for these businesses to enjoy the diversity and integration opportunities of U-Fest, but also to make new connections and potential business opportunities.

Some of the organisations that were present on the day included AIB, Blanchardstown Area Partnership,   Premier Insurance, Draíocht theatre, who kindly decorated the registration area, a local florist, a local Accountant among other local businesses. There was an overwhelmingly positive response to the enterprise fair. Some participants noted that they would like to see a larger local business presence at the next event and we will certainly aspire to ensure this is the case. The most positive feedback we received from businesses who participated in the event was that they learned something new by attending U-Fest. We are delighted to hear this, as U-Fest strives to break down barriers between different parts of the communities so that we can better understand and appreciate each other. So, in this sense, U-Fest has been successful in that aim.

As we look forward to future U-Fest events, we are eager to build on our success this year. We would love to see more local businesses from across the community getting involved so that the diversity we saw later in the afternoon might be reflected in the business fair part of the day also.

If U-Fest is an event whose values appeal to you and your business, then be sure to get in touch with us about future U-Fest events, so that you don’t miss out!

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